Saturday, May 7th

Gmas rose bush is blooming. She would have loved these blooms.

Joe went to OC.
PS 4/11 Good morning. Feel positive and energetic

Boiled egg, coffeechicorymilk

Called M. Meeting her in Kensignton for brunch. M says I look good. I feel good. I decide to splurge.

11am waffle butter syrup coffee milk

We peruse the neighborhood for shelves and find some Little Debbie snack wire shelves that I love for 7$. I hit the Container Store on the way home for a few paper boxes.

Little Debbie Snacks display shelves AKA my new office shelves.

2pm pure bar, white tea

I’m feeling good and having so much fun cleaning the shelves and sorting paperwork, I don’t think about making sure I eat and drink enough. I did too much.

8pm I suddenly and completely feel worn out.
Fish and chips, water

My body aches. My head feels blurry. I know I didn’t take care of myself and this is the result. I wait for Joe to come home from OC then go to bed.

PS 8/10

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