2020 Scheduler

I’m doing my research from the Seattle, WA area during Covid and for the foreseeable future. Follow along and support me via Patreon.

My current projects are:

  • researching how we can use the placebo affect
  • researching how our pain responses/brain chemicals can be harnessed to lessen the need to self-harm (or do other less-than-ideal behaviors)
  • making inks and dyes with food and foliage
  • writing a set of children’s books about gender
  • writing a coffee table book of queer love stories (photos and profiles)
  • painting a series of large paintings of queer folks
  • writing a book of essays about love and narcissism

As a queer, genderfluid (she/they/he) writer, artist, mentor, and curious creator who is passionate about learning, sharing, and empowering others to live their best lives, I focus on intimacy, mental health, gender, sex, and practical self-care. I’m most interested in where these major components of life converge and interact with each other and our responses to them.

About me: Under my name, I have essays in published books, interviews and How-Tos in print magazines, a self-published memoir and health manual (both available on Amazon), and a number of pieces for the web since 2002. As a ghostwriter, I’ve written about a variety of subject including tech, media, finance, and business since 2014. I was a writing consultant on the Showtime series, United States of Tara, seasons 1-3. I’ve enjoyed speaking at conferences about mental health and practical self-care since 2004 and mentoring folks in person or via the web. In fact, my mental health journey has shaped every facet of my life and I’m thankful for that.

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Paypal: leah@leahpeah.com
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In 2020 I’m traveling, making connections, writing, and creating.
2020 Workshop Schedule

  • Jan. 26 – San Diego, CA
  • Feb. 8 – Portland, OR
  • Feb. 25 – Los Angeles, CA
  • March 5 – SLC, UT
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  • While I’m in your city: Let me take your photo for a painting! Or interview you for a book! Meet me for a one-on-one! See details below!

Invite me to your city. Traveling is like lifeblood to me. I thrive on seeing new places and making new connections. I’m always looking for queer-friendly homes to stay in and in return I offer my services which include energy work (I’m a reiki master.), emotional processing, other healing arts, mentoring, and cooking nourishing food that’s packed with love.

My first choice is to stay places 5-7 days, have my own room, access to a kitchen and bathroom, and enough clients lined up in the area or a workshop that helps me make a monetary profit during my stay.

My second choice is a comfy bed, friendly queer folks with stories to share for my projects, breaking even on the cost of the trip, and feeling and giving lots of love. Both types of trips can include photoshoots and painting and writing. There’s always an incredible amount of healing that happens for my hosts in either scenario.

Send me an email to start the process. I have about 7 slots left in 2020.

Help organize a workshop.

I offer small, targeted workshops geared towards queer folks, but all folks are welcome. Subjects include practical self-care, gender and intimacy, emotional processing and trauma release, thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person, reiki attunements, kink-focused healing plus more. You can find out all the details about what I offer here. I’d love to hear from you!

Connect me to shop owners where you live. In every city I go to, I end up needing places to hold workshops and see clients for reiki sessions or mentoring work. Do you know someone who owns or runs a spa, wellness
center, crystal shop etc. and would welcome supporting my work? I’d love to make those connections.

Share your story. My current projects are: A coffee table book of queer love stories. Have a story to share with me? I’d love to visit you, take pictures, and get to know you.

Interviewing creators of all kind about their creative journey and self-care. I’m doing short 30-min interviews via the internet to help share practical self-care tips. Are you a creator? I’d love to chat.
Contact me here.

Invite me paint you. I’m doing a series of queer nudes with the intention of them being in a show in the future. Would you like to be included? You need to be comfortable with your naked body in public view OR let
me know so I can change your face so you aren’t recognizable. Either way is fine.
Introduce yourself to me.

Be on my podcast. Do you have something to say about living in a queer body, gender, intimacy, or kink? I’d love to have you on my upcoming podcast in development.
Send me an email and tell me about yourself.

Take an online course. I offer intro courses on reiki, gender and intimacy, kink, and being Highly Sensitive.
Check them out here.

Join an Intentional Month for only $4.99. The cost of a latte gets you a month of daily intentions straight to your inbox. Each email has a short intention to focus your energy each day, along with a photo
and a song. It’s super helpful in creating or strengthening a daily spiritual practice. Start at any time and reap the benefits of putting yourself first.
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One-on-one sessions, use the form below:

Please let me know a few times when you’re available to meet!
All scheduled time paid in advance (to secure the time) via Venmo.

Initial Consultations: 90 Min $180

Sessions: 60 Min $120 / 30-Minute Check-in $60 – (Current clients only, please!)

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