It’s been a busy week and weekend. But it was awesome.

My kids came down and spent time with me. It was SO great to see them! We went and saw the new Harry Potter movie, to lunch and had the best bread sticks in the whole world at Pat Oscars and then to the Zainy Brainy store to check out all the new cool stuff. My boyfriend came along and it was just a great day. I wish I could have had more time with the kids but some is better than none and December will bring with it a whole week that I get to spend with them. I can hang on till then.

I’m getting the hang of the new job. I really like working there and doing what I do.

I’m excited to go see my sister over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m exhausted and need to go to sleep so I’ll be fresh and perky in the morning. Like I’m ever fresh and perky in the morning, but whatever…..

quick recap for the kids (which is unnecessary since they were with me but since it’s what i do i’ll do it anyway….) :
so awesome to see you guys, loved spending time with you and it never seems like enough and i’m trying to be a grown-up and be patient for december, still like my job, spending thanksgiving in seattle, so, so so tired and going to bed now, promise to not run out of medication next time i see you, don’t promise to be perky in the a.m. ever, but you knew that already. tons of love going your way. mom.

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