I’ve taken to talking and emailing as if I were Twittering. Meaning, everything has to be 140 characters or less. Oh, an example, you say?

Home from Palm Desert. Good times were had by all. Not as many hangovers as last year. I didn’t look like this. Just like this.


Dumbest Saturday moment – Tam gives me GREAT shoulder massage. I say ‘I can tell you are good at this.’ which sounds like bad pick-up line.


Funniest Sunday moment – Katie asks ‘Was your family a nudie or not a nudie family?’ while standing in a towel. Was afraid to answer wrong.


Regarding Tshirts = Looks like “Flawed But Authentic” and long-sleeved black wins by a landslide. More details coming soon.

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  1. Ha . . . there is no wrong answer. All I want to ask you is this: “Leah, was your family a nudie family growing up?” I must have already started on the drinking that morning.

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