About Me

Hi. I’m a queer, genderfluid (she/they/he) writer, artist, mentor, and curious creator who is passionate about learning, sharing, and empowering others to live their best lives. I focus on intimacy, mental health, gender, sex, and practical self-care. I’m most interested in where these major components of life converge and interact with each other and our responses to them.

I am trauma-informed and use a variety of healing modalities in my mentoring practice with clients including reiki, practical self-care/self-discovery, kink, mind/body, craniosacral, emotional release, and aromatherapy.

I have a Patreon group where you can support and learn from my research into how brains and bodies work together to heal. My current research projects are in support of creating replicable algorithms for questions like "What if I decide to simply be who I am and can I learn to believe that I am Good?,” how to use the placebo affect, how our pain responses/brain chemicals can be harnessed to lessen the need to self-harm (or do other less-than-ideal behaviors), and how/if we can heal in times of stress.

I am committed to cultural humility and recognize how white supremacy, institutionalized racism, and injustice impact the body/mind and contribute to illness in many forms. I stand behind equity and try daily to do less harm than the day before. If you need help but can’t afford it right now,  contact me and let’s see what we can work out.